What is the Wellbeing Compass?

A unique measurement tool to achieving holistic health and wellbeing, Compass balances the four key areas of your wellbeing spectrum – the MENTAL, PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL and PURPOSEFUL. The unique tool allows you to evaluate each area of your personal wellbeing.

One you have completed your personal Compass, you will be guided to the relevant practitioner/s according to individual needs that are designed to balance your health, create clarity and optimum overall wellbeing.


How do I use the Compass tool?

Click below to get started, where you can register and then be directed to a short questionnaire. Once you’ve completed the survey your personalised Compass Wellbeing results will be shown as green/amber and red lights.

From here, follow the steps to find out more about each compass quadrant and the therapies that may be of benefit to you. This makes it easy for you to book the best practitioner for you. Repeat the survey as often as you like as this becomes your personal wellbeing page.

Click here to get started now

I just want to book a therapist or practitioner please…

That’s really simple – either sign up or log in using the access tabs at the top right of your screen and following the prompts to complete this very simple process. From there you can start searching for practitioners and therapists by name or modality and navigate through to the booking section.

Most of our alternative health and wellbeing practitioners are able to be accessed remotely via a number of technology based solutions – by skype, by phone and by other digital platforms. Of course, where a session involves a physical therapy, an appointment in person is required.