Our job is to create tailored solutions for you, but here are some ideas to get you started. These are a selection from our comprehensive range of workplace health and wellbeing options offered throughout NSW, QLD, Victoria, South Australia, Northern Territory and Western Australia by the expert field of practitioners associated with PS Works. Whether you just want one lunch and learn session, a workshop or two, or a full annual wellness program tailored to your organisation, it’s as easy as contacting us so we can create the perfect solution to fit your budget and culture.

We will also measure and report back on the results so you can demonstrate the impact of supporting health & wellbeing in your workplace – we know it works, but sometimes your COO and CFO need a little convincing…

You can even start with our workplace wellness questionnaire to your teams to measure exactly what they value.

How we can help…


Corporate Massage

Either full table or seated massages where participants remain fully clothed – they’re hugely popular and so easy to fit into busy schedules. Health fund rebates apply.


Movement & Exercise

With 70% of Australians deemed to be sedentary or insufficiently active, workplace health is suffering with poor posture, workplace injury and obesity commonplace. Onsite programs include Yoga, Pilates and Boot Camps.


Mental & Emotional Health

The signs to look for, the actions you can take and the solutions that are available.


Counselling Support

When one of your team is in crisis, not coping or in need of support, who do you call for help? Call us.


Meditation at Work?

The science backs it up and all the leading companies are harnessing its power. Onsite or online programs mean your people can calm down and tune in at work, on their lunch break, at home, or on their commute.


Resilience & Effective Stress Management

We have a wide range of resilience training and stress management options – ideal for workshops, cross functional teams, breakout sessions or conferences.


Positive Psychology & Mindfulness

Positive Psychology & Mindfulness based strength training uses proven techniques to bolster mental fitness and build resilience. This is a high performance program for your executive teams, facilitated by our expert psychology team.


Coaching and Mentoring

High performer you want to support? Area of challenge that needs some focus, practical tools and guidance? We have a range of fully qualified and talented coaches to suit.


Nutrition & Diet

With a practical approach to using food as medicine, seminars and consultations are hugely popular and help demystify and educate, explain and demonstrate.


Health & Wellbeing Consultations

These sessions are individually paid for with the organisation offering the time and space for people to enjoy in-depth health assessments, diagnostics and a personal wellness plan.


Chiropractic + Kinesiology

Popular with our manufacturing clients whose teams are often on their feet and suffer joint pain, this therapy can be made available in your workplace with either company sponsored or individually paid for sessions.


Healthy News Content

Share healthy tips and information every month with your teams using the content we provide in our tailored monthly Health and Wellbeing newsletter.


Ergonomic assessments/Safe handling


Cultural Transformation / Conflict Resolution

Highly practical and experiential workshops and consultations featuring a broad spectrum of tools. Empowering your teams and your leaders to champion a vibrantly healthy company culture from within.


Mind Body Medicine

Seminars, workshops and wellness coaching.


Leadership Language Mastery

The trust language of leaders skills building master class. Developing emotional and intuitive intelligence to create a trust economy and master healthy communications.


Transformative corporate retreats


Optimising your body clock

Learning to live in sync with the body’s natural rhythms. How to sleep better, feel energised all day; enhancing mental acuity and emotional balance to work and play to optimum levels.


Weight Loss

Our DownsizeMe program is an effective weight loss program easily accessible via our online platform.


And we’re highly cost effective

A tailored commercial platform to suit your budget. Either totally or part company sponsored or individually paid for initiatives and programs.

And of course we also offer…


Mobile Skin Checks

Highly beneficial particularly if your team operates outdoors.


Flu Vaccinations


Mobile Dental Checks


Measurement reporting and a sound business case


Workplace Health & Wellbeing audit

A full report on the overall state of company and individual wellbeing.


“PS works makes organising health and wellbeing initiatives for our organisation a breeze, sourcing only the best practitioners. All initiatives are deployed well and our staff enjoy spending time focusing on their health.” Household name FMCG Client


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