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By Barbara Callan, International Intuitive Consultant for Paradigm Switch.

Our guest blogger for the month.

Have you ever felt totally exhausted after what should have been a perfectly pleasant coffee morning with a friend? Or perhaps you dropped into your neighbour’s for the mail and rushed home feeling flat?

Energy levels fluctuate for each person, every day. We all pick up on the energy around us, so if you spend time with someone positive or excited your energy levels will automatically lift, while someone with a bout of the blues might deplete you.

coffee morningThe trick is to learn and to manage your own energy to keep yourself balanced and effective all day.

We are all energetic creatures Anyone who does martial arts will tell you that you will feel the energy of your opponent’s move before the move arrives. This of course requires discipline and training and we are not all at this level of awareness. So what can we do at the level that we operate, in our own lives?

Firstly we must become familiar with our own energy so that we know what it feels like to be us. If we know what our energy feels like then we know what works for us; it becomes an ‘energetic match’. The opposite also, is true. Note, the match can sometimes be subtle or sometimes be loud.

Finding the match is the clue. We all know people who drain our energy but with our compassionate hearts it often becomes easy to say “yes of course I’ll have a coffee with you,” only to find that our listening and counselling muscle is overstretched! We can often be caught unawares of an energy mismatch only too late – when we are left exhausted and relieved to say goodbye.

How can we manage our energy? Firstly we must be aware of any feeling of exhaustion or energy drop when we leave someone’s company. This indicates a deficit; We have been giving out our energy, but receiving less in return. Once we identify where our energy is draining, we will gain an idea of who to hang out with less! Try saying this to yourself “How does this feel for me?” and put yourself first. By being consciously aware of staying in the observer space, we protect ourselves from their energy, thus preserving ours. In this manner, we can leave our friend with a feeling that our energy remains balanced.

Being energy aware when we are with loved ones and family can be especially challenging as we often have emotional charges both positive and negative, triggered by those that we have an attachment to. Notice these are often our greatest opportunities for learning and practicing the observer skill.

waterfallChoose your space. Places can drain us of energy as the land also emits an energy. Do you recall an experience of visiting an area and feeling uncomfortable, for no obvious explanation.? You intuitively know areas where you can quite categorically say “I could never live there”. The reason being, there is too much of an energy mismatch between the energy of the land in that area, and your own personal energy. A sense of relief is often experienced as we leave that area, and return to a familiar place, that ‘feels more like us’.

Being by the sea can be balancing while topping up our energy. The presence of negative ions by the ocean or running water (even the shower) has the power to enhance our mood, putting us in a good space. The head feels clearer and we feel more optimistic. We can also find negative ions around trees. That is why being out in nature – the sea or the forest, is a great way to increase our energy bringing ourselves back into balance.

Conversely, living in the city can be exhausting, as we are surrounded by so many people pumping out their differing energies. Try to be aware of when your energy experiences possible ‘overload’ in crowded, shared spaces.

crowded-mallShopping malls can turn into a dazed experience. You’ve been overloaded, your brain has a tough time focusing – is it a wonder you return to your car often, without the items you set out to buy?

Food has the power to drop energy levels. Some foods take more energy to digest and leave us with feeling sleepy, while eating easily digestible food makes us feel light and energised. Think a plate of sushi versus a Sunday roast! Notice how your body reacts and understand how it affects your energy levels.

Say Grace! Believe it or not, saying a prayer or showing gratitude for your food before eating, energises your meal positively. Pausing and thinking about what we are grateful for will change the energy of the food. The work of Masaru Emoto proves this where he showed images showing the effect words have on water.

Thoughts influence energy levels which is why mindfulness has gained popularity in recent years. By focusing on gratitude, love and the positives, we lift our energy. Awareness is key – do more of what uplifts you and keeps you in that good space.




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