What is Intuition and how can we access it?

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Are you intuitive? 

Is intuition something that only a few people have? Are they special and gifted and the rest of us have to find answers from our logical left brain and its supply of facts?

The simple answer is that we all have intuition. We are all ‘WIFI enabled’ to the mind of the Universe, to infinite intelligence. So how is it that some people can access intuition easily and the rest of us struggle to get some kind, even any kind of guidance.

We are born sentient empathetic beings but many of us have lost our way through lack of recognition and practice of the intuitive skills and have come to rely on our left brain. This leaves us out of balance and when we don’t pay attention to that ‘annoying little voice’ then it eventually becomes quiet. So how do we begin to wake it up again and how will that benefit us?

Gut feelings

Waking up our intuition takes practice and a bit of dedication but it will be well worth it. Intuition is both non-judgmental and clear and when it is working properly, there is no struggle to access it. Becoming aware of how intuition speaks to you is essential. Where do you get your ‘gut feeling’? It will usually be a sensation in your body somewhere. You may get prickles or shivers when something is true for you. Perhaps you may feel your stomach tense, hear a word or even see something that is not physically there. You may get messages or answers from nature but whatever way the information comes, you must pay attention and act on the information.

Paying attention and then acting on the intuitive promptings means that your intuition will begin to develop. As long as you relax, stay open and out of the right brain, then intuition will guide you. The information will come in patterns that are particular to you and soon you will be receiving flashes of understanding that appear randomly but are always right on target.

Have some fun with it

Try having some fun with your internal guidance. Check the names of horses running in a race and see if you can pick the winner. The name should feel different in some way, maybe louder, darker font or even a different colour. You could choose wine this way or even look at the stock market, but whatever you do to practice notice how your intuition is becoming stronger as you learn to trust it. Then you will have an indispensable tool that many successful people use.



Barbara Callan is an International Intuitive Consultant for Paradigm Switch.

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