Based in Sydney and delivering across Australia, we provide corporate health and wellbeing solutions through on-site and off-site wellness and mentoring programs, producing accountable, measurable results. We work with the corporate sector to reduce the impact of stress on the bottom line.

PS Works offers a range of services that are tailored to the specific needs of organisations, accessing the skills of an expert team of professionals to provide a variety of day clinics, consultations and workshops.

Our programs are designed to assist companies maintain a competitive edge by increasing productivity and performance through reduced absenteeism and increased retention and attraction of key staff.

About our corporate health and wellness programs throughout Australia…


Your most valuable asset

Human capital is recognised as the top global challenge for CEO’s as identified in the 2013 CEO Challenge report.

It ranks above other organisational challenges such as operational excellence, innovation, customer relationships, global economic and political risks, government regulation, global expansion, corporate brand and reputation, sustainability and trust in the business!

And that’s why we exist – to deliver holistic, measurable, effective and effortless onsite workplace wellbeing and productivity solutions.


How it works
As a mobile health and wellbeing consultancy business led by professional business strategists, analysts and marketers we have a fresh approach to providing measurable results and delivering a handpicked team of wellbeing practitioners, therapists, coaches and mentors totally aligned to your organisational requirements and culture.

 We represent only the best wellbeing consultants in their respective fields, to deliver programs that make a difference. Providing a unique service that bridges the gap between corporate culture and effective, holistic modalities to supply wellbeing solutions to both management and staff.

In this way, we offer busy professionals inhouse access to holistic health solutions, wellbeing diagnostics, day clinics, coaches and workshops via a broad range of health professionals into corporates across a broad range of services.

The premise: providing leading companies in Australia with convenient onsite corporate health and wellness programs to aid performance and effectively manage stress related issues in competitive, busy and challenging business conditions. Assisting companies in maintaining a competitive edge and aiding the acquisition and retention of key staff.  To deliver a healthy corporate culture with proven bottom line benefits through reducing absenteeism and increasing job satisfaction levels by supporting mental and physical vitality.

From a leading FMCG client: “PS Works makes organising health and wellbeing initiatives for our organisation a breeze, sourcing only the best practitioners. All initiatives are deployed well and our staff enjoy spending time focusing on their health.”


Healthy People

A workplace’s healthiest staff are almost 3 times more productive than its unhealthiest staff.

Organisational performance was 2.5% better when the results of a study on companies that managed wellness programs effectively was conducted.

Companies undertaking health and wellness programs on average reap $5 for every $1 invested.

Retention of talent was 4 times higher over a 12 month period.



What we’re not

We are not General Medical Practitioners – we believe everyone has their own GP they visit at intervals for their own purposes.

Nor are we just alternative – we’re holistic in taking a helicopter view of overall health and wellbeing and designing individual treatments and programs that address areas of concern and potential.

Our corporate health and wellness services:

Resiliency & stress management – Positive psychology – Nutrition – Coaching & mentoring – Meditation – Kinesiology – Chiropractic – Iridology – Flu shots – Yoga & pilates – Osteopathy – Naturopathy

Totally tailored to what you need – tell us and we’ll deliver it! PS Works is at the leading edge of the workplace wellbeing movement, successfully supporting organisations in a diverse range of industries, including; Manufacturing, Technology, Finance, FMCG, Hospitality, Sport, Entertainment, Media, Data analytics, Retail, Travel, Legal.


Working with you and your team

We like to develop long term partnerships aimed at reaching all levels in your organisation specifically tailored to your structure and objectives. Additionally, there’s much potential to expand upon and support any existing initiatives you already have in place.

Ideally we would offer a range of options right across your organisation, however, we also understand that sometimes the best approach is to start with a tighter offering or pilot, test and measure, demonstrate the results and then together have informed discussions around rolling-out across more broadly with a targeted campaign that delivers on all your objectives.

How we measure – our analytics

Our annual workplace wellbeing audit is an online survey designed to report on the overall state of company and individual wellbeing.  This can be a great way to start in establishing a benchmark and highlighting areas of opportunity that can inform the content of your program.

Additionally we will capture data from individuals at regular points throughout our involvement with your organisation prior to initiating your program, mid-way through to assess efficacy and highlight any areas we can modify or improve upon, and at the close of a program to report on overall results and recommend any next steps.

We understand your competitive edge depends upon: attracting top talent, retention, motivation, performance, productivity, innovation, creativity, quality, loyalty, and in reducing the bottom line impacts of stress, absenteeism and presenteeism.

value money

What it costs

Our pricing model is simple and you can pay as you go.
Either create a full program for the year, a smaller pilot program or individual workshops or seminars.

You can create a mix of company sponsored and individually paid for options that deliver broad and accessible wellbeing solutions to your people that don’t blow the budget and deliver bottom line results.

And it doesn’t stop there…

Your people can continue their own personal wellbeing journey with us outside of their workplace, in their own time and at their own cost.  Our PS Compass and PS Sanctuary channels are designed to support individuals wherever they are…

CEO’s and business leaders want cultures of purpose.   The impact of stress in their people often reflects greater concerns about staff underachieving and the very real bottom line impacts.

What good leaders seek is performance, productivity and profit and at PS Works, we can help you increase all the above through programs that promote positivity, creativity, passion and vitality.

What employees are saying…
“I think it shows a true execution of the notion that the company invests in its people
and cares for more than just the KPIs that staff are asked to deliver.”

why it matters

What it costs

Australian statistics*

  • Every sick day costs businesses an average of $385 per employee and 1 in 40 people take a sick day every day in Australia – 3%
  • Companies undertaking health and wellness programs on average reap $5 for every $1 invested
  • A workplace’s healthiest staff are almost 3 times more productive than its unhealthiest staff
  • Australian workers are losing more than 3 days per year due to workplace stress
  • Workplace stress costs the Australian economy $15billion per year
  • Depression causes 1 in 5 people to work at 40% capacity
  • Obesity results in an average work impairment of 12%
  • On average Australian employees take 10.5 sick days per year
  • Workplace absenteeism costs organisations an estimated $2,700 per employee each year and impacts the economy by up to $18billion annually
  • Reduced productivity from unwell staff attending the workplace is equivalent to the loss of 6 working days per employee per year
  • Presenteeism costs Australia over $34billion per year!


  • Individual health issues
  • Lack of energy and fatigue
  • Lack of motivation due to work related issues such as poor decision making / poor team management
  • Stress
  • Other personal issues

What this means
In a company of 750 people:

  • 3% absent daily – 18.8 people absent each day
  • $7.2K cost daily or $1.8million annually

What we can do about it
Address the issues that lead to the causes of absenteeism, presenteeism, lack of motivation and stress and ensure you attract and retain top industry talent in being an employer of choice with optimum human capital performance, innovation, productivity and quality.

Healthy people*

  • A workplace’s healthiest staff are almost 3 times more productive than its unhealthiest staff
  • Disengaged employees have rates of absenteeism that are 27% higher than their peers
  • People doing interesting work are not inclined to absence
  • Companies undertaking health and wellness programs on average reap $5 for every $1 invested
  • Organisational performance was 2.5% better when the results of a study on companies that managed wellness programs effectively was conducted
  • Employee engagement was 8 times higher
  • Creativity and innovation was 3.5 times higher
  • Retention of talent was 4 times higher over a 12 month period
 *Source:  ABS, Medibank Private, Gallup Research, PricewaterhouseCoopers, KPMG Enotech 2011 modelling of the cost of presenteeism in
Australia, Kessler Psychological Distress Scale

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