Change often means Challenge

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So here we are, well into 2018 and probably already struggling with any new year’s resolutions we proudly listed, as the clock struck midnight.

However small though, for we humans a change is always tricky, especially since we seem to have a habit of getting hung up on predetermined outcomes or ideas. We limit ourselves with our beliefs:  “I can’t possibly start yoga, I’m not flexible enough” or “Meditation is not for me, as my mind’s too active”.

Any of these excuses ring true?

It’s time to disrupt our limiting beliefs, if we are to change in any way. And we all know that without change, we can’t progress, move on, learn or improve.

Challenge those thoughts that say – you can’t — or shouldn’t — do something because of your own automatic narrative.

How to change Simply and Effectively

  • Create teeny tiny habits In his programme Tiny Habits. Social scientist, Dr Fogg recommends we execute three tiny tasks each day for five days. The idea? We learn the process of habit creation; and once we master these, we can tackle the bigger ones.


  • Be Brave Our default setting often goes to waiting, postponing, doubting, or researching too much — it’s not useful! Taking action is better than doing nothing and don’t be afraid of the outcomes, as each one is only a stepping stone away, moving you closer to the change you want.


  • Believe it will happen. Yes, our thoughts will determine our behaviour; we all know that and also that we can change our thoughts. If only it were that easy!  But the reverse is also true, in that our behaviours (and environments) can also create internal states. Jumping into the ocean on a hot day, will trigger a whole new set of emotions and thoughts (or lack of them) as a change from sitting in an office, or taking an early walk will create a very different mindset to sitting on a commuter bus. Often just by changing up the surroundings, we can facilitate change.


Try to include these three simply rules to change and you might just find you might achieve the changes you are aiming for this year. Don’t forget to be kind to yourself (you are your best friend), don’t expect miracles immediately and maintain a healthy sense of humour.

Slow, baby steps and determination is what will make it happen.


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