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The-Being-Not-Having Christmas Gift Guide

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Do you really need any more stuff?

Christmas is not far away and so, if you're like us, you're starting to get sucked into the marketing hype that accompanies this season for giving. The new luxury however is, believe it or not – time. More time, having time and giving time. This could include time to yourself, time to share or time to learn. In this age of material excess, where specialist businesses have grown up with the sole purpose of de-cluttering, we’re starting to realise that people don’t necessarily need any more ‘things’. What does tend to make our hearts sing, is a chance to make memories, expand our learning, and enjoy just being. It’s no surprise that companies such as Etzy or, specialise in gifts with a personal message, where bespoke treats have become the latest buzzword. Attributes such as authenticity, sustainability and tradition are strong contenders in the search for contentment or even happiness. Here are some suggestions that hopefully will inspire you to treat the ones you love with something they might value and that won’t end up in the cupboard, the Vinnies collection or even the bin.  

Get Creative


Christmas Cookies made with love

  Take the time to make gifts. Homemade candles, a card, a renovated piece of old furniture, or a pot of brandy butter all make beautiful, personalised treats. They never fail to delight, with the ultimate compliment combining time and thought that went into their creation.

Enjoy the Ride

Experiences are always well received. They need not be expensive either. A simple cooking class or a specially planned picnic can surprise someone, especially if they get to do it with you!

A Helping Hand

Services that make life easier often make the perfect gift. A cleaner for a month or maybe someone to come and sort out the garden. Imagine how nice it would be to have a credit on the services of a handyman?  

private yoga session


Stay Well

The gift of health is a nurturing way of showing someone you really care. Send them an hour’s massage, or perhaps a mindfulness course? Maybe you have a friend who might appreciate a life coach session or even the expertise of a naturopath?

The Gift that Gives

You can never go wrong with a charitable contribution. Try giving the gift of saving a life or helping our planet. For animal lovers, there are countless organisations that allow you to support endangered species or contribute to animal welfare. These gift ideas all share something in common,  "it's the thought that counts" - the old saying has never been more pertinent than right now. Just decide on your budget, the time you are prepared to spend and those you love will be delighted with something that reflects personal thought and consideration.

Thank you!

    Santa finally got it right!

Why Yoga Teachers are Always Happy

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As I walked into the yoga class and planted myself firmly cross-legged on my mat, I was given my mantra of the day

“ Set your intention for today as Acceptance”

Of yourself         Of others         Of your body

People annoy us and challenge us daily, we frustrate ourselves, we criticise what’s wrong with us - and the world, we self-judge and judge others, often without any background knowledge. We moan, we stress, we worry and we ruminate over things out of our control. All this can be eliminated with one clear mantra – Acceptance. If we smile and accept what is, we cannot be ruffled, we can protect ourselves from the outside stressors and build a sturdy Zen fence all around our happy inner beings.   Paradigm Switch yoga teacher, Jo Kirkpatrick shares similar guidance: “The 8 limbs of yoga are over 2000 years old and guide us on how to live a meaningful and purposeful life without suffering. According to Patangali, when you master being content with what you have, supreme happiness results. so much yogaTwo key elements in the philosophy of yoga include consistent practice and non-attachment. Those who practice the 8 limbs of Yoga, reap the rewards of life, free from misery. It is important to note that as with anything in life, good things only manifest as the result of hard work and discipline.”

Yoga is a life-long practice with new possibilities available, every time we enter a class.

  The oldest yoga teacher turned 98 this year, and looks like the happiest person alive. Tao is said to be full of joy and light, "Yoga is the essence of the dawn of life and it sparkles inwardly she says, “The greatest pleasure is to see someone suddenly realize there was nothing they could not do.” Yoga can be for everyone with the latest research from Roy Morgan showing one in 10 Australians (14+) now do Yoga. The number of women practicing yoga has doubled in the past 8 years, making yoga the fastest-growing sport or activity in the country. Despite being one of the lowest paid jobs, the yoga teacher ranked 10 in America in the most-sought-after careers list.

So what is it yoga yoga teachersteachers share in terms of job satisfaction?

It seems that yoga gives us the possibilities of accomplishing something seemingly impossible. The thrill arises from creating a space for healing, to be able to share the practice, watching transformation occur. This is fundamental to yoga. It’s all about giving - guiding students toward becoming the best version of themselves. Namaste :)    

5 Essential Yoga Poses to help you through the Day

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It's not always easy to get to a yoga class. But that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from some basic poses to nurture your body during the day. It only takes a few minutes in the morning, or set aside some time in the middle of the day, if you have the space. The word yoga, in Sanskrit means union of the mind and spirit - what better way to energise you for the day?  

  1. Cat-Cow Pose
catcow Cat-cow is the perfect way to wake up the entire spine after it's been  resting for a solid seven to eight hours. Start on your hands and knees in a neutral pose. From there, arch your spine up and look down at your thighs. Take a breath, bring your spine back to neutral and then look up while dropping your belly. Repeat this four times.  
  1. Downward Dog
DD pose This pose gets the entire body stretching out. It's a bit more intense than cat-cow, but it's another great way to wake up. Start on all fours with a flat, neutral spine. From there, lift your hips while bringing your ears between your arms and look down at your thighs. Bring your feet in as close as you can and try to press heels toward the ground. By ‘pedalling’ your feet you will wake up your hamstrings and calves. Hold for four breaths before coming back down to your hands and knees.  
  1. Forward Fold
  seated foldSit with your buttocks firmly on the floor and legs out straight. With a straight back, fold over from the hips, to reach the hands as far down the legs as possible. Grab your feet or ankles if you can.   This is a great pose to do after lunch as it aids in digestion. It also relieves stress, anxiety and reduces fatigue.  
  1. Half-Pigeon Pose
half pidgeon This is a good one to do at the end of the day as we hold a lot of tension in our hips. Opening them is relaxing for the body and helps it wind down. Start on all fours, lift one leg up and bring your shin parallel to the front of your mat while squaring off your hips. If this isn't easy for you -- and it isn't easy for most people, considering most of us have tight hips -- try using a block or a cushion to support your hip  and lean your forehead on on the mat, if possible. Hold for five breaths before changing sides.  
  1. Child’s Pose
  Child's pose is the ultimate relaxation pose – just perfect to prepare you for good night’s sleep. From kneeling position, sit on your heels with your thighs about as wide as your hips. Fold your body over your legs, and allow your forehead to rest on the mat. Keep arms close to your sides, palchilds posems up and take five deep, restorative breaths.   Child’s Pose is a good back and sacrum opener, to melt away the stress of the day.