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The-Being-Not-Having Christmas Gift Guide

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Do you really need any more stuff?

Christmas is not far away and so, if you're like us, you're starting to get sucked into the marketing hype that accompanies this season for giving. The new luxury however is, believe it or not – time. More time, having time and giving time. This could include time to yourself, time to share or time to learn. In this age of material excess, where specialist businesses have grown up with the sole purpose of de-cluttering, we’re starting to realise that people don’t necessarily need any more ‘things’. What does tend to make our hearts sing, is a chance to make memories, expand our learning, and enjoy just being. It’s no surprise that companies such as Etzy or, specialise in gifts with a personal message, where bespoke treats have become the latest buzzword. Attributes such as authenticity, sustainability and tradition are strong contenders in the search for contentment or even happiness. Here are some suggestions that hopefully will inspire you to treat the ones you love with something they might value and that won’t end up in the cupboard, the Vinnies collection or even the bin.  

Get Creative


Christmas Cookies made with love

  Take the time to make gifts. Homemade candles, a card, a renovated piece of old furniture, or a pot of brandy butter all make beautiful, personalised treats. They never fail to delight, with the ultimate compliment combining time and thought that went into their creation.

Enjoy the Ride

Experiences are always well received. They need not be expensive either. A simple cooking class or a specially planned picnic can surprise someone, especially if they get to do it with you!

A Helping Hand

Services that make life easier often make the perfect gift. A cleaner for a month or maybe someone to come and sort out the garden. Imagine how nice it would be to have a credit on the services of a handyman?  

private yoga session


Stay Well

The gift of health is a nurturing way of showing someone you really care. Send them an hour’s massage, or perhaps a mindfulness course? Maybe you have a friend who might appreciate a life coach session or even the expertise of a naturopath?

The Gift that Gives

You can never go wrong with a charitable contribution. Try giving the gift of saving a life or helping our planet. For animal lovers, there are countless organisations that allow you to support endangered species or contribute to animal welfare. These gift ideas all share something in common,  "it's the thought that counts" - the old saying has never been more pertinent than right now. Just decide on your budget, the time you are prepared to spend and those you love will be delighted with something that reflects personal thought and consideration.

Thank you!

    Santa finally got it right!

Tips for a Healthy Christmas you didn’t learn at School

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We asked our talented team at PSU HQ to come up with their personal tips to make sure Christmas runs smoother, happier and healthier.

Neroli Jones, CEO breaks it down to collaborate and sing …

carol singing kidsDon’t stress… it’s just one day. We keep it simple, everyone pitches in and contributes and that way we all get to enjoy ourselves. Who doesn’t love a Christmas carol?! You’re likely to get pointed looks if you sing Noel in September, but the whole month of December is a month to go for it. Singing has to be one of the best stress busters ever, so belt out a falalala while you’re stuck in traffic and see if it doesn’t make you smile…  

Shelley Seddon, our synergy manager focuses on some year in review and personal observations …

During Christmas Lunch we have a (hopefully) fun “Year in Review” discussion. Everyone is emailed questions in advance so they have a chance to really think about their answers.

Topics include:

What was your favourite movie, book, TV show this year?

Best travel story.

Highlight of the year

What do you hope to accomplish next year?

What are you most looking forward to in the New Year?

  dinner conversation Family/holiday conversations can sometimes be awkward or dominated by a few people. I have found that if you give people time to prepare, it gets everyone involved, including children who can sometimes feel left out or embarrassed by being put on the spot. It’s a great way to actually connect with people instead of just making small talk.  

Hannah-Florence Macgregor, video producer advises us on how to keep our bodies healthy this season …


Drink more water

    Drink lots of water especially in these hot months. 3-4 litres a day, will keep you hydrated and balance out the excessive sugars and other indulgences we enjoy during the festive season. If you feel like going one step further, add little Apple Cider vinegar to alkalize the water and detox while you hydrate.  


Anna Barr, Director of Awareness focuses on staying calm…

Christmas listBe organized!

Don’t leave wrapping presents, decorating, baking and so on, all to the last minute. Do whatever you can in the weeks leading up to the big day, so you manage to actually enjoy the festivities without worrying about the menu or conjuring up a missing gift. I make lists on my phone so I can’t forget them!    For an instant recharge, escape to a quiet spot for 5 minutes and take a few deep breaths.  

Helen Kingsmill, Ground Control, has discovered a real crowd pleaser…

Here’s a handy recipe that is a whizz to make and sooo healthy and fresh!
Christmas party recipe

Christmas party recipe

Prawns with blended Xmas mango dip

Fresh, green Aussie king prawns 2 x plump Christmas season mangoes Generous handful of fresh basil leaves Garlic and chilli infused oil (for marinating prawns) Spritz of lemon juice   Shell the green prawns leaving tail intact and marinate in the garlic/chilli oil Peel mangoes and whizz in a food processor with basil and lemon juice. Cook the prawns on the barbeque, brushing with oil – they cook in a flash so don’t look away! Serve warm, with mango dip, then stand back so you don’t get injured in the crush for more!

games at ChristmasJohn Whaley, Architect of Order, suggests a time for reconnection without distraction …

I always love to play a board game or cards at Christmas. Whilst this can be a source of tension for over competitive family members (!), generally it is a great ice-breaker and activity for getting everyone together in one place and having a laugh… Another tip is to have a no electronic devices policy (phones, iPads, computers) on Christmas Day, allowing us to feel present and bringing some togetherness into the day.  

Nadia Superina, Mission Control, shares her diet tricks…

*Eat a healthy breakfast with loads of fruit/veggies and healthy fats. Either a big smoothie or eggs with avocado. This means that even if you have a fabulously unhealthy lunch and dinner, you’re charged with one healthy meal. Plus, fats will make you feel fuller so you’ll eat less of the bad stuff.
*Stick to three meals and avoid snacking. All the snacks add up and you’d be amazed how they pile on the weight.
*Drink lots of water between meals. NOT with meals. Water dilutes stomach acid, which needs to be strong to digest meals (particularly loaded with carbs and protein). Drinking between meals will help you feel full as well as prevent snacking.

merry fruity Christmas

Merry, healthy Christmas to all!


Pre Christmas Energy Boost

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.... Splurge on Some Smoothie Love ...

"It's important to start your day with a serve of protein  to help balance blood sugar levels and energy for the rest of the day" says Naturopath Christine Blanchard.

A protein smoothie is a quick and easy way to boost energy levels with a super dose of medicinal food. Perfect for when you don’t have time for a full meal. Also, ideal to drink following any exercise, to ensure muscle repair and renewal.

So if you're stuck for a quick breakfast ideas that is healthy, will deliver a boost of energy while still gluten and dairy free, read on.

From Christine comes ......

Get up and Go Super Smoothie

-200ml Almond or Coconut milk: Preferred brands are fresh, Inside out, From Harris farm or Pure Harvest from Coles.
-3 tblsp Raw protein powder: non-dairy and low allergenic from fermented rice and pea protein.
-2 tsp chia meal or LSA meal: for beneficial omega fats and fibre.
-2 tsp of Niugini Organic coconut oil: for healthy digestion and appetite satiety from healthy fat source.
- Small handful of fresh or frozen berries or mango - for anti-oxidants and fruity goodness.

Optional Extras for Added Boost Factor

To support you through the indulgent Christmas party season, add one of these Superfood boosts for antioxidant goodness.

- Alkalising greens:  a serve of Organic Isowhey Kale, Collard greens and Broccoli sprout powder or 1 tsp Spirulina powder.

-  2 tsp Raw Cacao for a natural high - better for you than coffee, rich in antioxidants.

- ½ tps of Turmeric powder - keeps your liver happy and reduces inflammation from a too-acidic diet.



If you're wondering what the story is when it comes to  red wine and dark chocolate, rest assured, they can be actually good for us! Yes, but there's a big BUT - and that is BALANCE.

All in moderation. Sorry!

"I use the 80/20 rule as a guide, making sure 80% of the time I’m eating beneficial, nutritious food which allows me to enjoy 20% for fun food and indulgences."

Remember, to get the most out of the holiday season by selecting your food wisely to energise your over-stressed body, in the healthiest possible way.

DANGER! Silly Season Stress Ahead

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We're a little ahead of ourselves here at PS. Not sure why, but the year has been so busy, we are all so tired and we feel ready for the chubby man to visit. we come... parties, drinks, late nights, and not-so-healthy finger food – the silly season stress is almost upon us. And we can’t pretend we don’t love it! But instead of banishing poor food and beverage choices… we investigated some alternative coping tools.

Kyla Tustin, creator of Your Power Centre, Sydney, offers some guidance to support us through this challenging time.

First up, is to find some HELP. If work deadlines seem impossible to meet, the end-of-year school celebrations need attending, gifts require buying, menus are to be planned, don't expect to do it all alone, unless you are Superman or woman. Find a kind friend, relative, or a co-worker who can relieve the stress – sometimes off-loading the smallest task makes a difference, to our peace of mind and lengthy to-do lists

The silly season, as it suggests – is silly. So, to keep a clear head, try sticking to a mental workout routine. Just 5-10 minutes a day practicing MINDFULNESS or a simple meditation, could be all it takes to align your energy, ground fluctuating emotions (mad fling with a colleague?) and re-focus on ticking off the boxes.

Take time to BREATHE

the element of air is connected to our mind and so when we breathe consciously and deeply this supports everything within our body and mind to slow down.”    Says Kyla.

Studies have shown that after meditation or practicing mindfulness, we experience reduced levels of inflammation, which in turn correlates with faster physical recovery from stress* caused by a multitude of factors; sleep deprivation, over-eating, alcohol, smoking, working long hours etc. When we are de-stressed we can think clearly, so the chances are, we might cruise through our day with much more time and ease.

If possible, take time out for a calming YOGA class. It only takes an hour for some downward dogs, warrior poses coupled with deep breathing, to prepare you for a long day ahead or ensure you get some necessary zzz'z.

Arianna Huffington highly recommends SLEEP. The key to doing things successfully is to be alert –

“sleep your way to the top” she playfully advises.

At a time when deadlines loom and social pressures coincide, getting a recommended 7-8 hours a night might be a little ambitious. However, it has been proven that the greatest mistakes have usually been made due to fatigue. Try to catch up on sleep whenever you can, or use the meditation tool, to boost energy levels and power you along.

Happy days!