Steve Grant
Osteopathy, Acupuncture, Voice Dialogue
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About your practitioner: Steve’s extensive experience over 20 years of practise and his passion to understand the body and how it works give him a comprehensive tool kit to identify the core points that trigger stress and distress. He then works with you to reduce the immediate pain you’re experiencing and advised you of the steps you can take to reduce/eliminate it in the future.


His broad range of skillsets and his understanding of human nature provide a sound foundation to work with you in identifying the core issue underneath a range of symptoms. The fact that he has multiple disciplines to call upon means that he can use the methodology that best suits the condition you’re experiencing and best suits you.

What to expect:  
Acupuncture: The initial session is 60 minutes and you’ll discuss what the issue is. You’ll remain fully clothed and be comfortable on the massage table as Steve places the thin, barely noticeable acupuncture needles into the correct energy points to stimulate the body to release the pain/discomfort and move back into balance. You’ll stay comfortably relaxed for the duration of the treatment and then the needles will be removed and the session will be complete.

Osteopathic: The initial session is 60 minutes and you’ll discuss what the issue is and then Steve will examine you and go through several Osteopathic procedures gently massaging and then manipulating your body to assist in in releasing the ‘painful’ contraction and moving back into alignment. Subsequent sessions are normally 30 minutes depending on your body’s ability to hold the correction and the procedures that need to be done. You will know when you need additional sessions. When the body has compensated for some imbalance for a long period of time it takes an equal length of time for it to learn the new, balanced posture.

Voice Dialogue: The initial session is 75 minutes long, subsequent ones are 60 minutes. In these sessions you will be sitting on your chair describing what the ‘issue’ is that you wish to work on. In the process of ‘answering’ the issue you’ll move your chair to a place of your choosing within the room. It sounds like such a simple thing to do and yet, the insight and responses you’ll hear yourself giving are very insightful. Steve is a skilled facilitator and these sessions can be quite profound.

Steve prefers that you arrive on time and complete his questionnaire on site before starting your session with him.  

You are the best judge of what’s right for you, always trust your own instincts with regards to the information given.

When you have physical work done always make sure you drink several glasses of water to allow your body to adjust to the work that’s been done.

In person

Location: 3 La Perouse St, Fairlight, New South Wales Australia, [2094]
What people say

I have great pleasure in recommending Steve Grant to you. Steve is a real professional, with truly unique skill set. He is a tremendously skilled osteopath and acupuncturist who has been able to combine the delivery of his services in both a personal one –to-one environment and the corporate arena. On numerous occasions, on a person basis Steve has rescued me from extreme pain! Based on this experience, I introduced Steve to my firm last year. He ran a program for about 3 months with up to 20 of my staff which had a hugely positive impact. Most importantly Steve left his mark following the end of his services. The individual treated changed their work practices to improve their overall well being in our office environment. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to talk directly about Steve and his services. Paul Meehan- Managing Partner Bain and Company


In the early days of Golf Getaway I felt like I was banging my head against a brick wall trying to get the business/show off the ground – like most people I kept trying to ‘DO’ more, try different angles, work even harder etc to get a result, I even stopped playing golf so I had more to ‘Work’ on the business – after only one Voice Dialogue session with Steve I realised ‘Doing’ was not my natural state and that I had to actually get out and play more golf and chill out – when I am in this space things happen easily and effortlessly for me (don’t ask how they just do) and the more I allowed myself to play more things started to happen more with the show and the business – so much so that Golf Getaway is now Australia’s only free to air Golf/Travel Show. Thanks Steve for playing a part in the success of Golf Getaway Andrew McCombe- Managing Director