Sean Allison
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Sean is a registered practitioner of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, who through his treatment of hundreds of patients has developed a unique and engaging way of helping people to understand how they can positively influence their health and wellbeing. Sean has a passion for translating the ancient wisdom found in traditional medicine into highly relevant, practical and easy to understand ways of approaching everything from food and lifestyle, through to ageing, disease and mental health.  

His role as a health practitioner began when Sean left his career as an Environmental Scientist almost 10 years ago to follow his passion for health and wellbeing. A background in martial arts which began 15 years ago and a series of life events including chronic pain, surgery and serious injuries, led Sean to change the course of his life and go back to university to study a Bachelor of Health Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine at the University of Technology Sydney. It was here that he received the award for the highest level of academic achievement in his final year of clinical studies, after which he travelled to China to continue his clinical training at the renowned Sichuan Provincial TCM Hospital in Chengdu. He also holds a Diploma of Shiatsu (a form of Japanese bodywork) having studied and practiced this for over 8 years. Sean has undertaken additional post graduate training in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine which he integrates into his practice. 

In his clinical role, Sean manages people with all kinds of health complaints, including everything from musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction, through to digestive diseases, women’s reproductive and hormonal health, skin conditions and respiratory problems. As a health consultant, Sean enjoys sharing with others his observations and reflections on health and disease in the modern era and assisting people by bringing awareness and understanding back to their own health and wellbeing. He finds that ‘connecting the dots’, can for many people be life changing, helping them to make sense of previously unrelated and poorly understood health complaints. Sean finds that empowering people with knowledge and understanding on how to manage their own health brings great rewards in terms of their ability to be at their best, be that at work, and at home.

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