Neroli Jones
Certified Confidence Coach, Business Owner, Senior Media Executive

About your practitioner:

Neroli is an authentic, experienced and passionate personal life coach whose purpose is to help others to find the wisdom within that helps them to design a life they love to live.


Neroli understands the challenges and confusion people can feel, that nagging sense of dissatisfaction and the yearning to find a sense of purpose to guide us successfully during those periods of transition and transformation.  The Life Compass program of personal coaching sessions has helped so many to create more joy in their days and feel more empowered in creating a life that fulfils all their needs.


The Life Compass program consists of 4 modules @ 2 hours each, ideally completed over an 8 week period – completing the course of 4 is optimal, but you can choose to do only 1 if you prefer.  During your coaching with Neroli you will redesign your days to bring more joy and lightness into your world in a very practical sense as well as journey within to find that voice inside that actually knows the answers to the big questions. 


The course provides a platform from which to make profound shifts, clear hidden obstacles, drop the weight of some of that baggage and make some deceptively easy changes right away. 


Neroli is thrilled to work with people one-on-one and help guide them through those transition and transformation phases successfully.  She finds an immense sense of reward helping people to walk away from the course feeling a wonderful sense of empowerment that comes with realising that you truly are the architect of your life – that you are in charge and get to create whatever you desire.


Life CompassHelping you live a life you love and love the life you live.  The Life Compass Course is all about navigating your path to optimum personal growth.


The purpose & intention of Life Compass:

Taking a simple elemental approach to creating a life you love empowering you to navigate successfully through transition and transformation periods and in everyday life.

Coach and Mentor
Location: Milsons Point, Sydney, New South Wales Australia, [2000]
What people say

I cannot thank you enough for a wonderful morning and the amazing experience. The journey was a lovely one to walk through and has given me some very meaningful and personal insight into my life, my activities and I can see that the balancing level I so crave seems only just a few steps away.

Program graduate