Mike Kennedy
Cert IV Training and Assessment and Small Business Management
New Zealand

About your practitioner: Mike is an experienced practitioner with a background in business, therapy, nursing and coaching. He helps stressed out, overwhelmed business owners who want to take back charge of their lives and their business. His sessions are designed to empower you to be accountable for your actions as well as your learning and to simplify your approach by remaining productive and healthy as you focus on the important things to YOU. This method presents one of the best and most effective ways to stay out of overwhelming and personal, long-term and debilitating stress – by having clearly defined goals and a coach to help keep you on track. Mike's clients open themselves up to work with what's important in their personal and business lives and to let the extraneous go to either 'delegation' or 'limbo'. It's a Socratic process that builds personal and business integrity, self respect and confidence, whilst being in pursuit of important business outcomes.

What to expect: 

All sessions are 60 minutes and the initial one will see you clarify your current circumstances and agree the goals you wish to achieve in your work together. Typically a 3 month period working together supports lasting change with an average of 12 sessions held during that time. The sessions may be weekly or fortnightly depending on what gives the best support. There are times when you may need 2 sessions a week as you are working through a crucial issue and then there may be times when you need a quiet week as you integrate the work that has been done.

You are the best judge of what’s right for you, always trust your own instincts with regards to the information given.

In person, via Skype, by phone 

Coach and Mentor
Location: New Zealand, Auckland New Zealand, [0000]
What people say

‘What have you done to me Mike? Life has not felt this awesome for a really long time’ Vanessa Fries, Business owner, Corporate Care, Sydney

“That was a brilliant bit of coaching to get me from annoyed to seeing my passion. You totally nailed it… I can’t believe I didn’t see it myself, it was so obvious’ Anita Alexander, Psychologist, Sydney

‘Thanks Mike for keeping patiently on my case. Now I feel I have found what I always wanted and needed in life but never knew existed’. Mike Wood, Chartered Accountant, London