Kirsten Rennie
College of Complementary Medicine
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About your practitioner: Kirsten is a dedicated, focused and passionate Health and Wellbeing facilitator with over eight years’ experience helping clients achieve physical, emotional and spiritual balance in their personal and working life.


Qualified in Mind-Body Medicine, Holistic Kinesiology and Reiki, Kirsten specialises in stress and anxiety management, emotional intelligence, the treatment of burnout and fatigue, and work-life balance. She is a nationally accredited trainer and her modality of Mind Body Medicine is considered the 'missing link' between mental wellbeing and physical health and vitality. Kirsten is vocal and enthusiastic about ‘real’ health, which is simple and practical in nature and includes a person’s mindset (thoughts, beliefs and emotions), nutrition, sleep, exercise, inner knowing and sense of meaning or connection in life.


Prior to her taking up a career in health and wellness, Kirsten worked for nine years in various finance departments within Sydney and UK-based businesses. While this work-path satisfied her strong analytical and results driven side, it also left her feeling depleted and uninspired. Her long standing passion for the study of health and human psychology ultimately led her to a much desired change of career!








What she does: 

Kirsten offers a range of personal consultations and seminar options for both individuals and business groups. Her one-on-one consultations in Mind Body Medicine or Holistic Kinesiology are between one and one and a half hours and include both counselling and body work, such as holding acupressure points, during a session. A detailed client history form may be required prior to the first appointment. Consulations are designed to help shift stress and clear problems by dealing with their root causes.


One-on-one consultations can be booked online through the PS Compass website.


Kirsten is also a nationally accredited trainer and currently enjoys working with hundreds of employees within the business sector, helping them to stay healthy, engaged and productive. She understands the stress and pressures that can result from busy and demanding workplaces and has made it her mission to help people navigate these pressures so work-life balance can be achieved. Her bright and engaging energy, together with a deep understanding of the human psyche and how the body functions, makes her a favourite choice for group workshops and presentations where tangible change is required. Kirsten works with small and large companies offering ‘lunch and learn’ seminars, 2 hour workshops, one-day workshops and regular group class sessions.


A range of ‘hot’ topics of today are available and can be delivered on the premises or off-site.

Stress and anxiety management

Burn-out and fatigue

Mental and emotional resilience

Work-life balance

Sleep and energy (for focus and concentration)

Nutrition (quick and easy healthy lunch and snacks). 



Make sure you work with a qualified practitioner and always choose someone you resonate well with.



Face-to-face consultations with practitioner.


Location: 17b, 818 Pittwater Road, Dee Why, Sydney, New South Wales Australia, [2099]
What people say

Kirsten has reaffirmed that emotions, hidden behavioural patterns and long forgotten belief systems can affect every area of your life. She has begun to teach me to be honest with myself, to value and love who I am, warts and all. This in turn has seen my health improve, my business start to reap rewards financially, but most importantly I am reconnecting with my family and once again enjoying life. I would recommend booking an initial appointment with Kirsten giving you an opportunity to see this dynamic woman in action.” Kathrine.


"Kirsten has helped me think positively, reassess my priorities in life, understand mind and body connection. I already recommended Kirsten to friends and would highly recommend her to anyone. I am endlessly grateful for such compassion and care: Thank you Kirsten!” Lucy, 39.