John Harradine
Masters of Applied Science (Social Ecology) UWS; Graduate Diploma in Psychology and Counselling

PS Works Practitioner Only: Warmth, compassion, wisdom and insight: these are just a few of the words that John's clients have used to describe his unique coaching style, combining deep know-how in both the business world and psychotherapy. With more than 30 years of experience improving the working lives and processes of people and organisations- including Fortune 500 corporations- John's talent is releasing his clients' understanding of who they are so they can transform not only themselves and their organisations but their communities as well, even at the global level. John's mission is to help his clients for the greater good of all.

Location: 4/350 Military Road, Cremorne, Sydney, New South Wales Australia, [2090]
What people say

“I have been involved in many restructures and this was the fastest, smoothest, biggest and best yet, owing very largely to John's process and facilitation skills. John is the good oil for the smooth running of your business.” Top business leader


John does not shy away from challenging the mentoree,” a senior executive says. “He always approaches his work in a manner that is respectful, and targets a positive outcome. In particular I note John’s underpinning recognition that only through reflection upon a leader’s own motivations and personal belief structures can that leader fully grow to be their best in both their professional role, and their personal endeavours – not a trivial challenge in this era of quick fixes