Jessica Kiely
Bachelor of Economics (Social Science)

About your practitioner:

Jessica is on a mission to transform the world one beauty cabinet at a time. She has a passion for non-toxic, mindful and green beauty that has lead her to study, research and immerse herself in the natural beauty world. Jessica focuses her workshops, seminars and programs on helping the busy, ambitious and health conscious modern woman to switch to green beauty. Her programs aim to simplify the switch so you can enjoy the benefits of a green beauty cabinet including an improvement to your health, product performance and a real feeling of wild beauty from within. 


Jessica has expertise in:

  • Green beauty: natural, organic and non-toxic beauty
  • Ingredient checking for toxicity, ethics and values
  • Mindful beauty rituals to incorporate into your everyday life
  • Greenwashing
  • The difference between cruelty free, vegan, natural, organic, clean, non-toxic and healthy beauty
  • Global trends in green beauty
  • Running an ethical business
  • Rebuilding self after tragedy

Jessica is a professional, heart-driven entrepreneur and she is keen to help her clients nurture their skin and nourish their soul - working on a deeper level to achieve beauty and radiance from the inside out!

Green Beauty
Location: Sydney, New South Wales Australia, [2026]
What people say

You cannot go past the beautiful Jessica and Kendra’s incredible concept – the Wanderess Beauty Discovery Box. A concept which encompasses a comparative “Test, Choose, Switch, Repeat” approach to natural beauty and making the shift not only in your own beauty cabinet, but in the world.

Brigid, CreateLoveHeal

My beauty routine has now become much more of a beauty ritual where I really take TIME to nurture myself. This helps me feel more connected to myself and what’s going on with my skin.


A truly clever initiative. I am really impressed with the research that Jessica from Wanderess Beauty does. A great step-by-step journey supporting someone in switching out their beauty cabinet

Tabitha McIntosh, Naturopath and Clinical nutritionist