Irina Gladushchenko
Reiki Master Level, Grad. Dip. Counselling, Energetic Healing

About your practitioner: Irina is a holistic counsellor and wellness educator with a passion for energy, connection and communication. Irina has trained in Counselling and Energetic Healing and offers Reiki, Mindfulness meditation, Creative expression and Quantum exploration as energetic modalities.

Irina specialises in unblocking resourcefulness, restoring vitality and dealing with life transitions. She has helped clients to reignite creativity and passion for their career and family and also to find additional options when being challenged by relational, parenting and/or health issues.

Irina believes that any challenge can be overcome if one is willing to learn from the experience. Her counselling style is gentle, deeply supportive, creative and experiential, a perfect complement to these powerful and insightful disciplines.







What to expect:

Holistic counselling: An initial meeting to confirm the synergy of working together and identify clear goals you wish to achieve. At that time, you will discuss the timetable/potential number of sessions that will best support you in achieving your goals.

Generally 1-4 sessions serve to address a specific issue, with 6-12 sessions to asses with a life project such as a career change, business transition or some other life transition.

All sessions are 60 minutes and fully documented so you have a written record to refer to.

Reiki is a powerful, yet simple natural healing system that involves the laying of the hands above/ on the body. Reiki as a style of healing was developed from several ‘schools’ of belief and practice by Mikao Usui in the 19th Century Mikao Usui created Reiki combining Buddhism, Shintoism, Shugendo (an ascetic, meditative practice influenced by Buddhism, Shintoism and Shamanism) and Qi Gong style exercises).

During your Reiki treatment, you will rest fully clothed relaxing on a treatment table. The treatment may be complemented with a guided meditation, calming music or essential oils.

Generally 1-4 sessions serve to address a specific issue.

You are the best judge of what’s right for you, always trust your own instincts with regards to the information given. 

In person, via phone, skype

Location: 498 Maroubra Rd, Maroubra, Sydney, New South Wales Australia, [2035]
What people say

I have been seeing Irina for a few years now for healing and mentoring, and she has been gently but firmly supporting me through the changes I needed to make to live healthier, happier and more soulful life. She has helped me reconnect with my inner resources, helped me restore my energy and heal my body. Irina uses variety of techniques, intuitively selecting the appropriate tools while keeping it simple and practical. She is authentic and approachable and I hope I will have the privilege to have her as a support and mentor for years to come. Silina

I am seeing Irina for counselling during my two year Diploma of Counselling Course and have found great benefit from her sessions. Irina is insightful and passionate about assisting me to connect with my true self. Irina keeps me motivated about my wellbeing and I feel grounded through her energetic healing. I am grateful for Irina's warmth and empathic attention and I recommend her to all who want to live a fulfilled life. Marilyn

I have been truly blessed to meet and have the warm, professional, expertise of Irina Gladushchenko. When I first met Irina I was in the depths of sorrow amidst a major family crisis in conjunction with a series of work crises. I felt overwhelmed with negative emotions, feelings and thoughts. So much so, I felt paralysed by them, unable to feel hope or to create logical strategies to free myself from the turmoil. Irina created a gateway for me to release the negative energies. I felt safe with Irina and trusted being a difficult thing for me. One example of her powerful help is when I had a week of deep sorrow with spontaneous bouts of powerful weeping (I'm not usually a tearful person). The weeping was becoming embarrassing and inappropriate, often occurring in public. One session with Irina completely freed me. I literally walked out without was gone. With only a few sessions of releasing meditation and one session of expanded consciousness with Irina, I'm glad to say I'm not back to my old self. I'm a new, more confident and more peaceful person. I feel in control of my own destiny whereas previously, I was completely unaware and felt powerless. I am, and will remain, eternally grateful to Irina Gladushchenko. Kathleen